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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

patients will receive 30% off discount on appointment

Disclaimer/Terms & Conditions


Disclaimer and Term of Conditions  for:

2019-2023© Minerva's Phoenix Centre of The Wise Women Studies

Centro Minerva Medica - House of Healing 

Holistic Alternative and Homeopathic Medicine, along with Spiritual Counseling and Healing are complementary health modality  and do not intend to replace Traditional Medicine, but support the natural body's healing system.

If you suffer from a chronic, genetic or serious illness, please make sure you advise your health provider if you intend to try alternative medicine; please do not discontinue any current medication.

Please discuss with your GP or allied health professional if you are not too sure.


What to expect on your first appointment:


Case history intake of your general emotional and physical health condition, diet, medication and current treatment, current occupation, environmental and emotional influences and spiritual believes.

You will be assessed on the current circumstances and you will provide with possible modality choices.


Please be aware that where circumstances require, I will ask you to go back to your GP and request possible medical investigation. GP referral letter for future health investigations can be also provided.





For in-person treatment payment is expected on the day and must be made by

cash only  or gift voucher


For training, workshops and other events, payments can be made in person or other-ways indicated on appointment or phone interview.



Please be aware that I will never advise you to discontinue any current medical treatment including medication and I do not provide magical solutions.

Your Health is Your Own Responsibility.

My work is to facilitate the natural healing process of your health and to support you in your emotional journey.


Cancellation policy:


I prefer to set up a regular schedule to work with you but there is no obligation to continue treatment.


Cancellation for health treatment appointments must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. Cancellation made at the last minute will be charged at a full rate.


Cancellation for workshops must be made 72 hours prior commencing date.

All workshops require 50% deposit payment two weeks prior the date and the rest of payment on the day of the event. All deposits and payments for the workshops are non- refundable and non-transferable, unless the workshops are cancelled by the organizer.


All workshops and other events require a minimum number of participants .

If numbers are insufficient, I reserve the right to cancel it up to 24 hours prior date of the event. Notice of cancellation or change of event time or place will be emailed or messaged to you up to 24 hours prior the date of event.

If for unforeseen circumstances the workshop is cancelled all together, you will receive the full refund of the course fees paid.

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