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Holistic and Intuitive Studies
study modality available for you :

  • group session classes

  • one to one session

  • individual and group zoom classes



1-The Wise Women Development Circle
Experience the universal feminine wisdom in a safe group circle

Program= 8 session course held on a weekly group basis.
Session Time: 2hr weekly - investment : $30 p.w group ./$50p,w. one to one session
(No Concession)

Learning =

  • Guided Relaxation

  • Positive Readings

  • Health and wellbeing


Prerequisite = no prerequisite

a one to one 12 weeks certificate program is available to dedicated students




2-The Wise Women Development 1:1

Experience the universal feminine wisdom and self-discovery

Program: 2 Full Day Workshop Attendance - 15 hrs. + take home final paper and work research (11 modules of 3hr research  each + final assignment )


Session Time: weekend/ 2 full day - run regularly - date and time to be advised -Investment : $ 700 one off payment (no concession)

Learning =

  1. The wise women history

  2. Life cycle/moon phases

  3. Self-development and self-assessment

  4. Self-acceptance and positive thinking

  5. Connect with your chakra system

  6. Health and inner harmony

  7. Say- No- to any form of abuse

  8. Relaxation –meditation and visualisation

  9. Know your gifts

  10. Tools of the wise women

  11. The Pledge


Outcomes= Certificate I- The Wise Women Holistic and Intuitive Studies will be provided at the completing of written research and final assignment.


Prerequisite = no prerequisite

I have been Mary’s patient for the last 4 years.

I lost my wife in 2011 and went into very difficult times… the help I got from Mary I found to be the most beneficial for me. Words cannot describe how helpful Mary has been for me both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Mary’s work, including counseling and alternative medicine, is outstanding and professional. Mary’s support and guidance has made her treatment a truly healing experience.

Antonio Iuliano , South Australia

I have been on my spiritual journey for the last 15 years or so. I have had further spiritual awakenings that I did not understand, Mary has been able to help me to understand it better and explain it in a way that I can understand. Mary helped me to see things from a different perspective. I feel healed, empowered and free!

Mariana Lopac, South Australia

I’m an Italian Medical Doctor Specialist in internal medicine, Respiratory Disease and Allergology.

I met Mary Ceravolo, Homeopathic physician, more than 16 years ago on the occasion of her short trip to Italy. She is a Holistic Therapist of great value, painter and talented poetess with a deep expert of human soul and Psychology in its psychosomatic complex mechanism. Mary struck me immediately for her eclectic skills and for her generous and spontaneous temperament. Being a spiritualist of great value, she was very helpful to me in a particularly critical moment of my life coinciding with a serious illness from which I have survived even for her merit. During my convalescence, Mary helped me with homeopathic remedies, natural cures and love that every true therapist must be able to express in respect of his patients, and she shows that to the fullest extent. While being a member of the official medicine, I can’t help but feel admiration towards the figure of Mary Ceravolo, whose acquaintance has enriched me on a human and professional field.

Dr. Domenico Cantatore,


former Director of Division of Pneumatology and respiratory disease

General Hospital of Terlizzi, Bari- Italy

3-The Wise Women Development 1:2

Experience the universal feminine wisdom and develop your personal gifts

Program: 2 Full Day Workshop Attendance - 15 hrs. + take home final paper and work research (12 modules of 3hr research  each + final assignment )


Session Time: week-end/ 2 full day- run regularly- date and time to be advised -Cost: $ 700.00 one off payment ( no concession)

Learning =

  1. Your matriarchal linage

  2. Women in history

  3. The gifts of the wise one

  4. Flower remedy

  5. Flower healing and readings

  6. Chakra system

  7. Chrystal essential

  8. Colour essential

  9. Fire healing and candles

  10. Poetry, prayers and power

  11. Dreams and symbols

  12. The pledge


Outcomes= Certificate II -The Wise Women Holistic and Intuitive Studies will be provided at the completing of written research

Prerequisite = the Wise Women Development 1:1

Mary and I have worked together, providing Grief Sessions in both English and in Italian for many of my clients, as I am a Funeral Director. I have also seen Mary on a professional level as an alternative practitioner. Mary has a truly beautiful demeanour. Mary is professionally sincere.

Ivana Beltrame


Blackwell Funerals

Payneham, South Australia

I loved the Relaxation training and the teaching of the Women Development! Inspirational!

Bellissimo il programma di rilassamento guidato e gli insegnamenti dello sviluppo della donna interiore! Inspirational!

Monica Audino, Placanica, RC, Italia

…e’ stato bello conoscere le tecniche di rilassamento e della meditazione, spero che torni presto in italia!

Maria, Placanica, RC, Italia

I have attended Mary’s workshop for Grief and Loss. I have learned so much about myself and how to cope in difficult times. I am grateful for Mary’s support during difficult and emotional circumstances.

4-The Feminine Archetype

Learn to recognise your archetype and connect to the ancient feminine wisdom


Program: 2 full day course + take home final paper work research.

(final assignment and research -12hr.)


Session Time: week-end/ 2 full day- run regularly- date and time to be advised -Cost: $ 500.00 one off payment ( no concession)

Learning =

  1. Feminine fire: Birth, life, love and death

  2. Teachers of the past and present

  3. Spirituality and religion

  4. Divine women and archetypes

  5. Moon phases

  6. Discover yourself

  7. Be inspired

  8. Develop your own fire

  9. Journaling



Outcomes= Certificate -The Feminine Archetype -

Holistic and Intuitive Studies

Prerequisite = no prerequisite




5-Journey to Healthy Harmony

Learn to keep healthy and happy. Discover true and real inner balance and wisdom


Program= 2 full day course- follow up with 3 months self-introspective personal diary/journal and a final written paper work.

Session Time: week-end/ 2 full day- run regularly- date and time to be advised

-Cost: $ 500.00 one off payment
(20% discount for concession card)


Learning =

  1. About life

  2. The problem

  3. Harmony

  4. Power of positive attitude

  5. Chain of event

  6. Living the present

  7. The body system

  8. Influence of food-Influence of emotions

  9. Relaxation

  10. Meditation

  11. Living the present

  12. Journaling

Outcomes= Certificate in Holistic and Intuitive Studies

Prerequisite = no prerequisite

Giuseppina, South Australia

..I was a child when I met Mary and today I am very honoured and privileged to know Mary in many facets. As work colleagues, I was able to see Mary’s work ethic, a work ethic which not only was to be admired but also adopted. As a healer, Mary has assisted me on a number of occasions and my health has improved. As a teacher, Mary has provoked thought, reflection and my inner-self to grow and be heard…I was a scared child, today I am a confident young woman.

Rebecca Bagnara,Adelaide,South Australia

 Workshops available:

Each learning module is 1 day workshop

Session Time: regularly- date and time to be advised -

Cost: $ 250.00 one off payment ( no concession)

Outcomes= Certificate of attendance in Holistic

and Intuitive Studies


  1. Crystal healing

  2. Colour healing

  3. Chakra balancing

  4. Relaxation : The Minerva's Method

  5. How to use flower remedy

  6. Symbols and symbolism

  7. The Archetypes and you

  8. Shakti unleashed

  9. Flower Psychometry

  10. The power of poetry and prayers

  11. Grief, loss and resilience

  12. Divinely You : Awake the Goddess in you



The  Ethical Principles of Reiki

"Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not anger.

Honour your parents, teachers, and  elders

Earn your living honestly.

Show gratitude to everything"


Dr. Mikao Usui

REIKI Teaching

Reiki is a “hands on” healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can transfer life vibrational energy (often described as "universal life energy" or "spiritual energy") into the patient to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and help to balance and, where possible,  physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle method. It enhances the body's natural healing ability and promotes wellbeing. Reiki is practiced safely and used to support allopathic, conventional, natural and complementary medicine. Reiki has no contraindications.

Reiki has been well-known for centuries and is often used in treatment of patients in hospitals and nursing homes and during hand-of-life care.


Learning the system of Reiki can support your healing and personal development.

Training available according to interest and number of participants.

There are currently more than 25 methods of Reiki teaching.

Training available  on levels 1, 2 and Teacher-Master degree

Usui Reiki  – Japanese System: Mikao Usui was the founder of reiki, which is practiced all over the world.

Seichim/Sekhem Reiki – Egyptian System: A form of Universal energy that was originally used for healing purposes in Ancient Egypt. This energy is similar to Reiki but concentrates on the healing processes in the heart centre and operates on higher vibrations and heals on a deeper level.

     CONSULTATION                            AVAILABLE

  1. Wise women counselling

  2. Grief and loss professional counselling

  3. Homeopathic and holistic consultation

  4. Flower therapy consultation+ flower psychometry

  5. Indian head massage & Reiki

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